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Here’s what we know about cabin property management

We are cabin owners!

from Texas who used to use the most popular property management companies in the Broken Bow area. Like you, we were amazed at the high percentages, most charged 35% of our booking, but after all the incidental, deep cleaning (like every cleaning shouldn’t be deep!), and related expenses the companies were charging more like 50%! It was immediately clear that they didn’t really care and didn’t need our business, so we took over.

Not only did we take over, but we also made a commitment to ourselves that:

  • We would provide a better, less expensive, more responsive experience for us, and also make it available to other cabin owners, who like us, needed their cabins leased more often and their property maintained more closely.

  • We instituted the stiffest financial penalties for those who damage cabins and break the rules, because we want to deter damage to ours and other’s property.  

  • We wanted to pay the cleaning staff higher than any other property management company in the area to make sure that they were taken care of, and would take care of your property. 

  • We want to treat you like we would want to be treated without paying all the “extra charges” and on average 5%-15% less than all other companies in the area!  

  • We also offer a concierge level experience for those who rent the cabins to ensure that their stay would be memorable

  • We also want to make sure that your property STAYS booked. Because if your cabin isn’t booked, you’re not making a profit

  • We knew that we could do a better job, at a fairer price, with a better attitude! But that’s not even the best part…

We want to make a difference! We also partner with a ministry for Jr. High age kids in the area. Not only in this area, but also all over the U.S. and in 11 countries around the world. We teach mostly fatherless students in 6-12 grade chivalry, honor, and integrity in public schools after-school programs. McCurtain County is renowned for its drug epidemic. Fatherless and at-risk kids are struggling and facing insurmountable odds all around us. Did you know?

46% of kids woke up without a dad this morning
78% of kids in urban areas don’t have an engaged, Godly father living in their home.
85% of all prisoners in prison come from fatherless homes.

Fatherless kids are:

  •  5 times more likely to commit suicide

  • 15 times more likely to have behavioral disorders

  • 73 times more likely to be killed.

We decided to make a difference and change the environment around Broken Bow by mentoring and training these young champions through the Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor character education programs!

A portion of our proceeds from cabin rentals will go to fund these programs for At-Risk kids!

So not only are you working with a property management company that “gets you”, we also are connecting you to a great work that is making a difference here in Oklahoma and around the world!

For more information on Men & Ladies of Honor visit www.honorchangeseverything.com

For more information on how we can help manage your property call Tony at 214-693-4183

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